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The Maternity Coach

Reviews of workshops, online courses and 1:1 sessions

I feel calm and prepared

"Excellent course, Frances you have been fantastic, thanks so much, highly recommend this course, I feel calm, prepared and organised as I approach maternity leave so I can make the most of my birth and new baby and then go back to work feeling ready and excited about the new challenges ahead." 


I have a plan for my return

"Really great to make you think and reflect in a constructive, objective and positive way about the challenges of being a working mum and being on maternity leave. I now have a plan in mind and feel more prepared for my return to work." 


Confident about being a working mum

"This course has been fantastic, thank you! It helped me consider things I wouldn't have thought about. I have gone from feeling that leaving was the only option, to feeling confident that there are ways around balancing working and being a mum." 


You've given me hope and confidence

"What you have done for me is remarkable. Words cannot describe how much all your guidance and support has impacted me. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you! I know there is still a lot ahead of me, but I feel ready to tackle it! You've given me hope and confidence. You are truly amazing!" 


Useful fun workshop

"Thank you - the workshop was useful and fun. You created a very safe space to reflect on maternity leave. Heartening to find someone passionate and focused on such an important point in a family's life." Katherine

A really useful workshop

"This workshop was excellent, really useful. I wish I had been able to attend this workshop in my first pregnancy/maternity leave. 


Helpful for third maternity

"Fantastic course. So helpful even for someone on their third maternity leave. Really got me thinking about subjects that had not been on my radar before." Becca 

So useful for planning leave

"Thank you, the course has been so useful for planning maternity leave and return to work, considering both the practical and emotional aspects." 


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