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The Maternity Coach


Are your 'should's holding you back?

How often in the day do you find yourself saying ‘I should...’? Should is so ingrained in our language that we use it without thinking. But for a small word it packs a mighty big punch. The implication of saying ‘should’ is that what we are doing already is not enough. We aren’t doing what we are 'supposed' to. [More...]

5 Tips to rebuild your brand after maternity leave

Worried that all your great work has been forgotten while you've been away from the office? Read my top tips to rebuild your reputation or your 'brand' in preparation for your return to work. [More...]

Top tips for returning to work during Covid pandemic

If you are on maternity leave during the Covid-19 pandemic, things probably aren't going quite as you planned. Whether you're a key worker returning to the front line or simply restarting your work laptop at home, here are some top tips. [More...]

7 steps to get your style back after maternity leave

Have you lost your style mojo since having your baby? Do you not recognise yourself when you look in the mirror? Don't worry - all is not lost! Sally Smy from Queen Bee Styling is here with her top tips. [More...]

The benefits of maternity coaching to individuals & organisations

Maternity coaching supports mothers through this normal but important life stage, increasing the likelihood they remain in the workforce and consequently can help narrow the gender pay gap. The benefits it brings at a societal level will be crucial in helping to rebuild diversity in the post-Covid world. [More...]