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The Maternity Coach

About The Maternity Coach

The Maternity Pause

It is often all too easy for parents, when confronted with the mental and physical challenges of parenthood, to make decisions that give short term gains over their family's long term goals and aspirations. With experience coaching mothers at all stages in their careers, I understand and can coach mothers through making decisions in line with their goals and aspirations and help them prepare for what their future may hold as a working mother.

Maternity leave is a natural pause in a career and gives the time and space to take stock of where you are, where you want to go 

next and in the long term.

Read my blog about the benefits maternity coaching brings to both individuals and organisations

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Licensed CCS Balance™ Coach, 2021

The Maternity Coach Founder

Frances Cushway has coached mothers for over ten years, supporting them through the different career transitions they experience in their working lives. She founded The Maternity Coach in 2019, to purely focus on supporting women through the transition to and from maternity leave. 

Her knowledge of how women's hormones affect their perception of reality and the impact this can have on their careers, together with her understanding of the shape and stages of women's careers means that she can help mothers on maternity leave plan for issues that might come up later in their career - future proofing them for their life as a working mother. 

Frances was shortlisted for the CDI Career Development Awards Career Coach of the Year 2018 and 2021 for her work coaching mothers on maternity leave.

Prior to setting up her own consultancy Frances worked for PwC running assessments for recruitment, development and career coaching, and the BBC where she coached individuals leaving the organisation and facilitated workshops alongside her role as Producer in BBC Weather.

In addition to hands on experience, Frances is a licensed and accredited Career Coach with Career Counselling Services and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Career and Talent Management. She is on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals with the Career Development Institute and commits to carry out ongoing professional development. With a BSc in Psychology, she is also a member of the British Psychological Society's Division of Coaching Psychology.

Frances has two young daughters and knows how hard the daily juggle is - balancing work and family life. She understands the mixed feelings of leaving children at nursery and the pressure of leaving work unfinished at the end of the day!

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