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The Maternity Coach

Thrive after maternity leave

Three quarters of the average working mothers career happens after maternity leave.

The decisions you make around returning from maternity leave shape the future of your working and family life.

Plan the return to work that's right for you with The Maternity Coach.

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The Maternity Coach's mission is to support mothers through maternity leave and their return to work; to help them find clarity in their new identity and what they want from their career after maternity leave then give them the courage and tools to return to work with confidence so they can continue to make their unique contribution to the world.

Services for Individuals

Services for Organisations


"You've been fantastic, thanks so much. I feel calm, prepared and organised as I approach maternity leave. I can make the most of my new baby, then go back to work feeling ready and excited about the new challenges ahead."


"A really interesting, enjoyable and useful course, thanks very much! 

It has definitely left me with new tools and ideas on how to proceed. 

All in all useful, interesting and enjoyable, thanks very much."


"Really great to make you think and reflect in a constructive, objective and positive way about the challenges of being a working mum and being on maternity leave. I now have a plan in mind and feel more prepared for my return to work."


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